For me it was a very first experience of volunteer activity, and to say truth, I expected very good times in multicultural environment at true German landscapes – but what’s for sure, couldn't expect that bright and strong impressions and emotions, which were keep me going during hard autumn in Russia.
It was arranged, that I will during two month and a half participate in few projects as a volunteer, social camp leader and photographer. My first workcamp was Gantikow Manor, than Lohra Castle, than Parum Rectory, than for a few days we took part in celebration of 50th anniversary of Berlin Wall erection, and after I visited three workcamps for making photos – Rathewalde, Stadt Wehlen and Klein Dammerow.
As it seen from dates and places, I managed to know well the activity and organisation of Open Houses, make my opinion not only from point of view of short term volunteer but campleader as well, and from point of view of spectator while visiting camps as the photographer.
I mark the high level of organisation, inspite some technical moments which of course emerged, but they do happen during function of any NGO or volunteer organisation.
Things work well thankfully to administrative team of Open Houses and energy and enthusiasm of head of organisation – Bert Ludwig. I want personally thank him and Johanna Warmuth – the international coordinator –, not only for doing their job properly but also for time we spent communicating and discussing different matters.
I am very glad, that during participating the projects I met so many different and good people from all over the world, I got clear opinion about culture and life in Germany, expanded my knowledge by communicating, travelling a lot during weekends and in between workcamps, have had brilliant times just doing things I love: meeting new people, travelling, communicating in English, doing useful job and making photos.
I will remember this perfect German summer and will be glad to participate activity of Open houses again.
Alexander Agafonov, St. Petersburg, Russia